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Director: Robert ClouseStars: Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim KellyGenre: Kung Fu, Spy Enter the Dragon is the film that solidified Bruce Lee's international fame and it is by far his most well-known film (at least outside of China). It also marks the first time that a Chinese film studio (Golden Harvest) and a Hollywood film studio (Warner Bros.)


Enter the dragon. Bet I have seen this movie 100 times! Besides return of the Dragon has to be the best Bruce Lee movie of all time. It was the only movie that he used his real voice!


Action movies - Enter the Dragon (1973) Full HD - Bruce Lee - Best actio...

Full Movie: Bruce Lee's real training film, rare footage with his own instructions and secrets! - YouTube


Ah kitteh! With these steel fingers I will perform the "White Crane" dance! (best seen with an old Bruce Lee movie on the TV)


Bruce Lee Fighting | As you can expect from a Bruce Lee movie, the fights scenes are ...


Hollywood's best action hero who delighted movie lovers on screen with his martial arts passed away at the age of 32. Many films came on his life but this time Bruce Lee's family members are getting ready to come up with a biopic revealing the unknown angles in him. His daughter Shannon Lee said, “

Marlowe 醜聞喋血 - Many of the wisecracking Marlowe lines incorporated by Silliphant for this movie were taken directly from Chandler's novel. Silliphant is best known for his Academy Award-winning screenplay for In the Heat of the Night (1967) and creating the television series Route 66 and Naked City. This movie introduced martial arts legend Bruce Lee to many American film viewers. Director: Paul Bogart Cast: Bruce Lee, Gayle Hunnicutt, Rita Moreno, Sharon Farrell, Carroll O'Connor Year…

Bruce Lee - I don't know why people go on about Chuck Norris so much (I must have missed that memo) but Bruce Lee is easily the best martial artist I've seen on film.