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Reusable Keurig filters with Downy Unstoppables laundry beads. Best. Car freshener. Ever. Open the lid and put a piece of tape over it so the beads don't fall out. Then, slip the lid in the air vent! Awesomeness!

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Just take a new dryer sheet and wrap some downy unstoppables, then tie it. Put it under your seat in your car and your car will smell fresh for months!

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5. Febreze Car Freshener-Best Car Air Fresheners & Perfumes

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BEST CAR FRESHENER ever!!!!! A few drops on cut up wine cork placed through out my car, smells delicious!! lasts forever

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12 best boyfriend gifts of 2016 Cheap air fresheners. $1 for bags from dollar store, $7 for Unstoppables. Makes roughly 30 bags. I use them in sock drawers, closets, even have one in each car. You could also use for guys stinky boots. Scent lasts for 12 weeks, if smell starts to dwindle, shake up bag and it smells like new again!

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BUY MORE SAVE MORE Great Value SG Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag Best Air Purifiers for Smokers & Allergies Perfect Car Air Fresheners Remove Smells for Home & Bathroom (Green)

The Best Collection of Copycat Car Cleaners

All Natural Car Air Freshener

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Everything is working fine considering your car, but you just cannot stand that terrible odor that is coming from somewhere right? Yes, we have all experienced that, but that is what car fresheners are for. There are various fresheners on the market, being different in both type of smell and durability, so we researched a …

Star Wars R2-D2 Car Air Freshener 2-Pack (Vanilla Scent)

Custom best smelling perfumed paper car air freshener for car