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I've been nomadic for 18 months, I only pack in a carry on, and I'm female (it is possible!). This is my packing list and best tips for long term travel. #packing

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Is this travel backpack perhaps the best carry on luggage?

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Best Carryon Luggage for Families

Looking for the best carry on luggage for your family? We look at suitcases, underseat bags, backpacks and more and help you decide!

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10 of the Best Travel Backpacks for Traveling

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The Best Carry-On Backpack for Digital Nomads

A detailed review of the best carry-on backpacks for travel. Carry-on travel makes your trip easier and cheaper. Island hopping in the Maldives was so much easier with a small backpack.

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How to Choose the Best In-flight Travel Purse

Most airlines allow you to bring one “personal item” in addition to a carry on bag. A purse, laptop bag, or small backpack all qualify as personal items. Here are some tips on how to choose the best in-flight travel purse like this one, the Tumi Crossbody Messenger Bag. |

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The 3 Best Carry-On Backpacks For Awesome Nomads

We reviewed the very best carry-on sized backpacks out there. Learn how to choose the BEST one for your next trip! //// //// #travel #backpack #travelbag

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The Best 40L Travel Backpacks for Women

At Her Packing List, we think 40L travel backpacks just might be the best size women's backpack out there. See why, how much they carry, and how to pick one.

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Easy Packing: The Best Carry-on Travel Backpacks

There is nothing worse than digging to the bottom of your backpacking backpack to find that clean pair of socks. These 6 travel backpacks will help you be more organized and comfortable on the road. #travel #backpacks #hiking

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