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Ciphers, Puzzles, and Codes Treasure Hunt - Best part is that it is EDITABLE! 12 different clues - Comes in different color schemes.


We also read to escape, to live a life that isn't possible in the real world, to escape the mundane of the everyday and to live an adventure that is only possible in our minds, but no less real than if was really happening! -L.H.


The Uglies – Book Review

If you like science fiction and dystopian society. These books are for you! Uglies is the first in the series.


I was laughing at katniss's face THROUGH THAT WHOLE SCENE! That and how mesmerized Peeta and Haymitch were. Lol.


Why Didn't I Think Of That? 24 Useful Tips

This is one of the best ideas! These containers are from Staples. No more dice rolling all over the room!