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11 Incredibly Cute DIY Lamp Shade Makeovers

1. Pom Pom Shade This makeover is so simple, yet so incredibly adorable! Pom poms are very cheap, in fact, you can often times find them at the dollar store. Take some pom poms in whatever color you think will look best on your lamp and hot glue them to the shade. It’s a quick craft that won’t take very long, but will have an awesome outcome.

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Adhesives for fabric and crystals -- If you ever wondred if you should use GemTac or E6000 on a project, this blog will answer your question.

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5 Insanely Clever DIYs That Are Actually Easy

Make sure whatever fabric you use won’t let the glue bleed through (this is why suede and leather are ideal options for this project). If the patches start to peel a little, just touch up with glue! Learn what glue works best and how to template your patches so they come out neatly in the tutorial.

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DIY Fabric Flowers. For decorations and bouquets. I like the rosette the best, I think.

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Unique Stitch Adhesive--Best fabric glue I've found. It's easy to apply, dries clear, remains flexible, is washable, and dries fast. I use it for gluing embellishments and trims onto quilts. The main thing I use it for is gluing down hanging sleeves, instead of handsewing. I highly recommend this glue!

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What Is The Best Adhesive To Glue This To That? Glue Guide Chart Read more:

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the best glues for all felt crafts including felt sheets, needle felting, and wet felting - also the pros, cons and when/where to use them - a GREAT rundown of the basics!

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This is the best tutorial of binding a blanket with satin binding that I found. My added tip, if your binding is being particularly shifty, as mine was, is to first adhere the binding to the fabric with Elmer's Glue, press with iron to dryness. It washes right out in the washing machine and helps keep the binding in place.

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