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I’m a calligraphy-envying, font-loving, script font junkie. I use script fonts in almost all of my designs. They’re gorgeous and feminine and I can’t think of a reason not to. I&#…


twelve more script fonts (these are free too

Our Twelve (Free) Script Fonts post was published back in October and has become insanely popular ever since. You guys really love dem fonts! Well, your prayers have been answered: here are twelve more awesome script fonts. Best of all? Like the first twelve, these are free too (for personal use, anyway). Intrique Script | Hello Heartache | Milkmoustachio | Dragon is Coming | Peach Sundress | Birds of Paradise | Sverige Script | Wolf in the City | Janda Stylish Script | Nella Sue | Roskrift…


50 Free Retro and Vintage Fonts

Free fonts that are high quality are hard to find. But every so often you come across great free font downloads. We decided to put in the work and create an epic collection of 50 free fonts. In this collection, you'll find the best free script fonts, free vintage fonts, free handwritten fonts and more. Enjoy!


The Ultimate Free Fonts Collection

Bringing you the ultimate free font collection! I searched high and low for the best free fonts I could find that are perfect for blog logos, graphics and signa


The Best Handwritten Script Fonts for Your Blog

Venus Trapped in Mars // Lifestyle + Sports Blog // Dallas: The Best Handwritten Script Fonts for Your Blog


I use handwriting script fonts all the time for my design projects. They are a big hit due to their lovely feminine fluid flow of the letters. There is a huge database of such modern calligraphy script fonts out there but i find myself drawn to these favorite eight fonts. The best part is that they are free to download!

65 Best Free Fonts of 2016! - Free Pretty Things For You

65 Best Free Fonts of 2016! - Free Pretty Things For You