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Most Fuel Efficient SUVs – Top 10 Best Gas Mileage SUV of 2012 - the Lexus 450 is the second most efficient of 2012!


Murdock: Whoa, whoa whoa girl, take it easy now. Hannibal: What's the matter? Murdock: I'm out of juice! Amy: It was full when we took it from the city. Murdock: Yeah but you never get good gas mileage in the city. Face: What happens now? Murdock: We going down, boy! Till Death Do Us Part


1980 Jeep CJ 4x4 vintage ad. Who says economy has to be dull? Introducing a feisty new 4-cylinder engine and power train that can deliver the best gas mileage of any American 4-wheel drive vehicle! Shown in Renegade trim. Jeep. We wrote the book on 4-wheel drive.


In 1985 we found a 69 Camaro for our daughter, she was 14, paid for it with her paper route, both of our kids did that, our son had a 67 when he was ready to drive. Our daughters car eventually became ours, it went from a stocker v8, auto, to a built sb 400 with a tremac 5 speed. Yellower than this. It's fast and gets good gas mileage too. Fun to drive, don't know if the daughter will be buying it back, she still doesn't know how to drive a stick.