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Shade Tolerant Grass: Learn About The Best Grass Seed For Shade

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Tips For Growing Grass In Shady Areas

Tips For Growing Grass In Shady Areas - How to get grass to grow in the shade has been a problem for homeowners since lawns became fashionable. This article provides tips for growing grass in shady areas so you can have the yard you want.

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O.M.G! If you've ever wondered which flowers work best in your yard, this is the site for you! Burpee's "My Garden Designer". It's a mobile design tool made to take the guesswork out of flower color, height and compatibility. Even will create a shopping list for you!

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Shade-Loving Container Plants

#Shade Gardening - perennial ornamental grass Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' forms a vivid mound of bright yellow leaves with a few slender, green stripes.

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Elijah Blue.This decorative ornamental grass is a favorite for edging and rock gardens. It's blue color and compact size will add accent to your landscape and gardens throughout the summer. Reaching only 10" high at maturity and 1' wide, Elijah Blue is often used as a ground cover. Does best when planted in a dry soil with good drainage and a sunny to light shade area. Shipped in pots. Shipped in spring only. Zones 4-8.

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Japanese Forest Grass: This low-growing, mounding plant has bright yellow, green-striped leaves, making them perfect for brightening shady spots in gardens. From late summer to midautumn, it bears needlelike, pale green spikelets. Size: 14 inches tall, 16 inches wide Conditions: partial shade and well-drained soil Zones: 5-9 Best for: adding bright color to shade gardens

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One of the best and most versatile evergreen grasses, this will thrive in sun or shade, and glows shades of copper, gold and bronze in the autumn, hence its common name, Pheasant’s Tail Grass. It has a soft, arching habit, so plant it among shrubs for textural contrast, or in a mixed or herbaceous border.

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The Best Perennials for Your Yard

2009: Japanese Forestgrass Here's the perfect plant to brighten shady spots in your yard. Japanese forestgrass bears screamingly chartreuse foliage in a gracefully arching mound that looks good from spring to fall. Name: Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' Size: To 14 inches tall and 16 inches wide Zones: 5-9 Plant it with: Red astilbe, golden corydalis, purple-leaf bugbane, or gold-leaf hosta

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