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Olamide has the right source with Pepper Dem Press Release January 11 2017 New York New York African Rap Act - Olamide Adedeji a.k.a Baddo New Album is topping Charts........ Pepper Dem carries Olamide Glory Album with the leading streaming & download numbers. The record traffic to the Album website getting airplay on New Yorks number one radio station Power 105.1 by top American Disc Jockey DJ Norie Olamide Album is destined to break records for an Afrobeat…

Bria Myles - Drake Before Surgery Birthday Bria Myles is the model that Drake mentions in his song "From Time." The track is on the rapper's 2013 album Nothing Was The Sameand features Jhené Aiko. Drake also mentions Myles in "Bria's Interlude" on his 2009 album So Far Gone. In "From Time" Drake says that he discovered Bria in Macy's it was Bloomingdale's. Scroll to the tweet below to see Bria's response to the mistake Drake made in his "From Time" lyrics. Myles was born on May 21 1984 and…

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Success... The NEW ALBUM "BRIAN BRAGG" was released TODAY on GOOGLE PLAY!!! "Thank you for your support thus far...I won't be perfect. But I will do my best to bring you MY best". NEW MUSIC ALERT!!! ALBUM - BRIAN BRAGG (Lyric Book) (OUT NOW) MIXTAPE - THE FREEMIX...(Lyric Book) (Out NOW) All are by the way... That's a MEGA FACT. #newmusicalert #newalbum #googleplay #new #music #book #photooftheday #success #visionary #artist #author #rapper #lyricist #brianbragg…

Top 5 hip hop albums that came out of LA, from LA artists in 2016. Hit the link. Thoughts? #losangeles #la #hiphopmusic #lahiphop #rap #musica #music #2016 #bestof2016 #topfive #best #hiphop #rappers #album #fire #lyrics #newyear #artist #poetrycommunity #leimertpark #compton #inglewood #baldwinhills #watts #laderaheights #carson RT @blk_la

em has the best prime of all time , hands down! from (98-03) he was killing everything and imo he's the best lyricist of all time. his rhyme schemes are just incredible. relapse is a very over the top album to say the least 😂 but lyrically that album is impeccable. shit blew my mind. he puts words together so effortlessly. Ik eminem is one of the most overrated rappers of all time and his fans created the term "stan" but like him or not he's definitely top ten of all time. oh yeah marshall…

MIXTAPE - FREE YET PRICELESS ALBUM - WORTH EVERY PENNY. (Those ain't titles...those are descriptions.) THE FREEMIX...(Lyric Book) (Out NOW) ALBUM - BRIAN BRAGG (Lyric Book) (Any day now) All are by the way... That's a MEGA FACT. Cop Dat N-A-M-E-S I am ALL OF THE ABOVE I know you hate it. I be mad sick. Sht is bugged when I create it. I aint playin round wit you...No phony fake sht. Gimme dough Gimme money or I gotta take it. Go Cop Dat N-A-M-E-S Go Cop Dat N-A-M-E-S Verse Hock spit. Lock sht…

MC's... Rappers... Off the mic you have to understand that I wish everybody the best. I hope the people Excel and are able to achieve their dreams. Acknowledging and celebrating the success of others is positive. Personally I'm happy to see people win. That's what I've always been. However when I'm on the mic I'm extremely competitive and have a deep-rooted desire to make sure you are outclassed in every aspect MC'ing. I started down this road with my brother and a few friends several years…

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You really need to check this guy out! Hes amazing! Nate Feuerstein is NF! <3 #NF

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YEP!! Dude that actually happended to me lol i was watching thier lyrics video and then i was like ok so not a cute bunny!

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Watsky is one of the best rappers making music and this song gives me chills every time.

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Blue hair really suits her. She shouldn't do any other colors cuz blue is the best

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