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Best probiotic supplement: "The most important things to look for are the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) - an indicator of the # of live bacteria cultures in a single serving - & the # of different bacteria strains. At least 10 billion CFUs & 20 different bacteria strains for weight-loss support" (Ann Louise Gittleman, First for Women Mag, Jun 10, 2013)

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The 9 Best Probiotic Foods That Aren't Yogurt

Sure, you know that probiotics are key to your digestive health, but these microorganisms have tons of other health benefits to offer. To make sure you’re getting enough, here are the top Paleo-friendly probiotic foods! For the full article visit us here:

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What are the best probiotic supplements for IBS?

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Probiotics reviews: best probiotic on the market

Probiotics reviews: best probiotic on the market The Benefits of Fermented Foods Infographic sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, pickles, tempeh

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Probiotics help our bodies so much!! I'm not kidding when I say we have one of the best probiotics out there and YES there is a big difference!! #PlexusProBio5 #GutHealth #Probiotics Take a look for yourself, and please reach out with any questions, I'm happy to help!

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Luv your Gut, Adjustable stainless steel bangle

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The best way to get the benefits of probiotic bacteria naturally is to make your own fermented foods. Here's how Dr. David Williams make fermented vegetables.

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