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Switch gender roles, Boy Laurance, Girl Lovely, Yes I dream about my senpai

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Ao Haru Ride otherwise known as one of my favorite anime/manga series despite the fact that I wish crunchy roll had released more than the amount of episodes they released.*cries*

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30 Anime Quotes That Will Pique Your Interest In These Series

Hikigaya Hachiman on Nice Girls From the anime My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU GoBoiano - 29 Anime Quotes That Will Pique Your Interest In These Series --this is why I hate nice guys... But I don't really

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Kamisama Kiss Tomoe & Nanami Wall Scroll

Kamisama Kiss Tomoe & Nanami Wall Scroll- Wall scrolls are a perfect decoration for any otaku room! This wall scroll made of high-quality fabric features art of Nanami, main character of the romantic comedy manga and anime series Kamisama Kiss, showing off her stubborn side with an annoyed glare and standing back-to-back to her familiar and protector Tomoe, who is gently glancing her way. The composition is sure to remind fans of the many comical quarrels these two lovebirds have found…

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27 Romance Anime That Most Anime Fans Have Watched

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Koto no ha no niwa (2013)

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Tetsurō Kuroo - Haikyuu!! By far THE most attractive VB player in this anime series. OMG

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