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Michael Phelps - Swimming - his body is a master piece!

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High school sports, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, swimming, swimmer, sports teams, senior pictures, senior portraits, sports portraits, cheerleaders, cheerleading,

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Swimmers can throw a football but can football players swim? Just keep swimming!

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coaches be like meme

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I grew up swimming, so when I found out that DQ also meant Dairy Queen, I was like, "What? No. Since when? That's stupid." Because I thought that if you were going to go to a restaurant, you shouldn't call it something that has such a negative connotation or nobody's going to want to go with you. I was like 12.

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madidrawsthings: ““I’m a really good swimmer… ” I just had a stray thought about this line today and it just made me laugh because I just realized that swimming for Garnet isn’t actually swimming? She just walks along the bottom of things: pools, the...

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26 Affordable Swimsuits That Are Ridiculously Flattering

Just in time for bikini season, shop the best swimsuits under $100: Out From Under Printed Longline Underwire Bikini Top ($42) and Out From Under Ruched High-Waist Bikini Bottom ($42)

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Swimming Red Fox I Alaska Travel Photos

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Swimming Memes water

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