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Best watch ever, I loved this watch but mine was silver.

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Illustrated G.I. Joe & Cobra Character Lists - What an ART

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Best Toys for Boys: KRE-O Transformers: Age of Extinction

Best Toys for Boys: KRE-O Transformers: Age of Extinction - Spaceships and Laser Beams

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All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

Transformers ~ It wasn't tough to be excited about Transformers as a kid in the 1980s. Magical alien machines that could be reassembled to assume the identities of everyday automobiles, they were adapted by Hasbro from a pair of Japanese toys from Takara: the Diaclones and the New Microman. With a slight redesign and a new story line, Transformers hit the American shores in 1984.

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Wondering what the best toys and gifts for 7 year old boys in 2012 are? There's no need to guess, as this huge list narrows down all the best...

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10 Awesome Holiday Tech Gifts for Men

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Voltron. My fav toy EVER, I carried this everywhere with me!! This was some heavy duty cast metal, like classic Transformers were.

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