Onboarding Steps Sequence by Derek Torsani #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Onboarding Steps Sequence

Hello, guys!    Use case: (Book meeting inside your office)    1. Most of the time I miss my important meeting, because of so much data in a screen with calendar view    2. Usually, people book same time...

AI powered- Schedule a meeting

Read Inspirational UI Design 24

Inspirational UI Design 24

Notify me by Oleg Frolov #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Notify me

Saw this amazing shot by Brandon Termini and can`t resist to try something similar. This is navigation concept for a MultIdea webpage.

Stacked navigation

Use case: (All house service booking personalized)    Through this app, people can book a paid for their home in all categories like electrical, furniture, cleaning, plumbing.    Features:    Change Date...

Maids - House Maintenance app concept

Worked on some cloud card designs for zeta in the beginning phase :).. Had fun working over this..  PS.. Please avoid the animation mistakes :( Still in learning phase lol

Cloud cards

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Inspirational UI Design 23

Ratings and reviews often go hand-in-hand with testimonials, but it's a very important source of social proof. It’s a great way to short-circuit any trust issues, encourage people to buy from you o...


Supera blog animation by Zhenya&Artem - Dribbble

Supera blog animation

My quick imagination on it. This is a concept not a original flow  Welcome to the world of trips. We want every trip you take to feel magical. So you no longer have to follow the maps, wait in the ...

Airbnb - Trips concept

This is the gesture music player skin created for one of our clients. Each circle represents room with different songs. You can mute session with long press and drag to delete.   Be sure to follow ...

Music Sessions – iOS App

Another screen of conceptual work of Finance/Banking mobile app that allows you to control your budgets. For a top-quality animation and real-size static screen views, check out the attachment.  10...

Finance App

We love this vibrant ui concept so why not try to animate it.  Design by @Stano Bagin

Bubbles concept

A nearly perfect example of a micro interaction. The button flipping up to reveal the same button is the only detractor. This could have been solved by a simple color transformation animation while keeping the cleanness of the text animation intact. Great reference for clean effective narrative, design and execution.

Activate Button

Daily UI Day 14 Countdown Timer by Andrej Radisic for Five

Daily UI Day 14 Countdown Timer