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The 6 Best Water Filter Solutions I've Tested

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Best Water Filter For Faucet

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Berkey System...The most reliable filters use gravity, not electricity, to remove metals, chemicals and other toxins from water. In a comprehensive laboratory study that tested water filters for the removal of heavy metals, the Big Berkey System performed the best!

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Countertop 'smart' reverse osmosis water purifier nudges you to drink more water

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Sawyer MINI Water Filter. The BEST water filtration system available on the market. It even filters out viruses!!

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The Chanson Water Ionizer: There is SO much more to a water ionizer than just alkaline water! There are 4 main features and benefits of using an alkaline water ionizer and here they are in order of importance...

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Complete Water Filter System - 2 Liter

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Purification and filtration in [ONE PRESS]. The GRAYL Ultralight makes safe, clean purified drinking water – anywhere in the world!

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