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Here is a set of 242 interlocking bevel gears arranged to rotate freely along the surface of a sphere. This sphere is composed of 12 blue gears with 25 teeth each, 30 yellow gears with 30 teeth, 60 orange gears with 14 teeth, and 140 small red gears with 12 teeth. I also found 3 other gear tooth ratios that will work, but this one was my favorite because the small gears emphasize the shape of a truncated rhombic triacontahedron.


A very fine 17/ 18th C. French bevel gear drill with ovolo mouldings to brass stock and hand forged cranked handle and fittings, with attractively turned boxwood head and handle


Dug’s Automata Tips, Techniques and Tricks No.3 March 15, 2011 by Dug North Pinwheels are easy to make and have many uses. Here they are used like bevel gears to change the axis of rotation.


Download on #3Dprinting People seemed to be liking the straight bevel toy set that I uploaded here


Industrial Small Robot Arm Bevel Gear