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Pιnтereѕт//@katelynjennnax ♡

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[FC: Bex Taylor-Klaus] Marnie MacLachlan. 20. Selkie. She's a girl who's emotions run close to the surface. Curious, hot-headed, and confident she's a handful for her older brother Blaine. She used to live on the coast, but now she and her brother are staying with the Lumires.

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Bex Taylor-Klaus

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Bex Taylor-Klaus

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Bex Taylor-Klaus

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Sup everybody, call me Danny. I'm 14, allergic to cats, and like to argue. Doesn't take me very long to get into the social groove of things, but being an "Angel" (or, more like winged freak) doesn't help much. So, help me out a little?

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((Meh baby Bex)) hi... I'm Bex! I'm 20 and single. My best friend is snow. Hurt her and I will kill you. I'm bisexual

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