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Panera Bread Just Issued a Big Challenge to Other Fast Food Companies

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The Supreme Court Saves Obamacare a Third Time, But Big Challenges Remain

One often-admired trait of the federal courts is their apolitical nature. Judges that are appointed for lifetime tenure do not face the pressures that come with reelection and trying to please constituents. While this may be true, much of the judiciary...


How to Exercise With a Broken Tibia & Fibula

Your tibia and fibula are the bones of your lower leg. They can become fractured due to contact sports, motor vehicle accidents, tripping or falling from heights. Treatment for a broken tibia and fibula may include surgery, a cast or crutches. Exercising and staying in shape with a broken leg can present a big challenge. To exercise with a broken...

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The Three Best Exercises to Get in Shape for Hiking

Hiking seems easy—after all it’s just walking for a while—but it can be a big challenge. From varying and sometimes difficult terrain to the fact that you use different muscles for longer periods of time than normal, a good hike takes working up to. Here are three exercises you can do to make sure you’re in hiking shape.

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How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids-In 3 Days

listening-challenge- hoe big of a difference can you make?