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I think it's funny that you think you're better than me because you have my sloppy seconds. Are you proud he knocked you up? Wow, get in line. You're the third woman he knocked up. Nothing special there. Wow he married you after 6 months? Woah, must be true love because you'll find out soon enough how he really is. Ha. But go ahead with your delusions of grandeur.

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Art for Women- Wall Art - Art for Girls - Art for Women - Inspirational Art

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I'm not only putting on my big girl panties, I'm putting in my b*tch bra, my sh*t kicker boots, & my spiked leather belt with the f*ck you buckle. So don't tell me to deal with it. I've got this sh*t covered!

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Sooo true..never lie to me to protect me..I will find I just want you to be truthful an honest about EVERYTHING!!!! No lies an no secrets..I can handle it I'm a big girl..ily

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