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Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.

This is me whenever I write a paper for school. If only I had Tadashi to help me look at things with a new perspective, maybe I'd be getting A's instead of B's. (Update: I actually just found out that I am getting A's in my classes. BUT I STILL WISH I HAD TADASHI TO HELP ME.)

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I wanna see this movie so bad, I have a feeling I'm gonna cry during this movie tho, and I don't cry a lot...

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I still wish this had been in the movie as an "early childhood scene" or something.<<YES

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THIS IS SO HILARIOUS!!!! But at the same time I'm thinking "really?" #UPTOWN FUNK TADASHI STYLE XD

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16 Film Moments That Helped People Through Their Depression

Big Hero 6: When Hiro watches a video of his brother Tadashi trying to make Baymax work. | 16 Film Moments That Helped People Through Their Depression

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