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I'll BET if you SPUN her around SLOWLY as she UNDULATES could be considered a sub-conscious form of WITCH DOCTOR, MEDICINE MAN SHIT. I mean hypnotism.

1 Absolute Women possess extraordinary superhuman physical powers, which go far beyond the capabilities of ordinary human beings. Physical Growth Augmentation: The big electromagnetic pulse that crossed Earth caused...


(Tall Brunette) "you know Cindy , you should have a breast reduction , those THINGS have caused you nothing but trouble !!! " (Short Blonde) " Yea Cindy , besides that , your chances are MUCH greater of getting breast cancer , and Terry & I would HATE that !! " . (HOT BRUNETTE) " Maybe you guy's are right ! I think you may have a point , but u know I have to talk to Mikie about it . He is Mayor , after all ! " After Cindy leaves " DAMN IT Terry , we ALMOST tricked her into it. "

from theCHIVE

I can see the weekend, and now I just DGAF (39 photos)

sub-wife: “We wives deep down always knew why our husbands cheat on us with her… But trust me, you only really understand it after feeling that reason! Nós esposas, no fundo sempre soubemos o por que nossos maridos nos traem com ela… Mas acreditem em...