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These things are all over the internet, and now here's mine! Notes: - Bought the 3/4" pipe clamp, 3/4"x18" black pipe and 3/4"


Homemade bike repair stand


The Conquer bench mounted bike repair stand is an economical way to work on your bike(s). The 360 ° swivel head allows you to work on your bike at virtually any angle. The offset base plate allows for ample room to spin your pedals. The height is adjustable with a quick release clamp which also allows you to turn the stand when not in use.


Camera Super Clamp Quick Release Pipe Bar Clamp Pipe Bike Clamp w/ 1/4"-20 Threaded Head for DSLR Camera/DV/Ipad/Monitor,for Ipad Mount/ Music Stands/ Microphone Stands/ Motorcycle/ Bike - Large Size

Bicycle Stand.Cyble is a interactive bicycle rack that focuses on spatial savings to secure bikes in public spaces. Users manually push their front wheel into the keyed locking mechanism where it is clamped in place. After being secured, Cyble automatically lifts the bike vertically, keeping it out of harms way and out of the reach of thieves while also saving horizontal space.