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Bill Clinton is the same age as Trump! it sure shows you what clean living can do for you, other than Trumps unique hair he looks a 100% better than Bill. Bill and Hill both look they are at death's door! They had their 8 years in the white House...ENOUGH AND ENOUGH!


Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Bill said, "I did not have sexual relations with THAT woman!" He had a revolving door in the Oval or was it the Oral office? This is an issue because Killary tolerated/tolerates this from her own husband while berating and victimizing the women he seduced. And now Bill regularly flies to Asia with his CONVICTED pedophile friend, Jeffrey Epstein. And Killary is aware!

from 2012 Patriot

Clinton Chronicles !!!

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Hillary Clinton with her daughter Chelsea. She's fierce, she's funny. She's focused and she's a fighter. As a girl who asked questions and challenged limits, as a woman whose lifetime path opened opportunities for others, as an admired, accomplished woman living in the public eye — Hillary Clinton speaks with a powerful and compassionate voice, unwavering and hopeful in her vision of a stronger and better world. ~ Ready For Hillary Clinton for President 2016