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Keep this in mind all you proud "African Americans" and all other interested parties who honor truth above deception and tradition. This goes for every other Negro that has been 'renamed' by Europeans based on where slavery left their descendants at post Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. #wakeupblackhebrews #researchforyourselves

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Right-wing supporters put on their blinders whenever they find a candidate that can be their "strongman", someone that can supposedly tackle all of their problems head on and eliminate them. Donald Trump has had multiple wives and extra-marital affairs, yet the party of Family Values has no problem with that. Apparently it only matters if you're Bill Clinton.

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Apparently Hillary, age 27 at the time, made the first move and struck up a conversation with Bill, then aged 29. - See more at:

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Dog in the White House with president Clinton Ok, gotta say it, even boneheads can love dogs.

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See Historical Milestones As They'd Appear On Instagram

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