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Bill Gates Kids

Although attributed to Bill Gates I have heard this was actually an op/ed piece by Charles J Sykes author of Dumbing Down or Kids. Either way its GOOD!


Bill Gates and Unicef kill another eight kids with their 5-in-1 vaccine | The Refusers


Oral Polio vaccine causes many cases of polio. Bill Gates' vaccine campaign eliminates kids, not polio!

from Hollywood Life

Bill Gates: Why World’s Richest Parent Not Giving Money To Kids

Reasons Bill Gates has stated he's not leaving the majority of his wealth to his kids. Great reasons

from Business Insider

Even as a kid, Bill Gates demonstrated this super-important habit of successful people

Even as a kid, Bill Gates demonstrated this impotant habit

Bill Gates Tells Reddit AMA: I Won't Leave Kids 'Massive Amount Of Money,' Will Chair Jump

Every kid needs a champion - Rita Pierson, TED Talk

Bill Gates telling us the importance for kids to start programming now.

from CNBC

Billionaires Warren Buffett, Bill Gates have similar ideas about how much money to leave your kids

The ultra-wealthy aren't leaving much of their fortunes to their kids. Here's why.

These 8 magnates won't leave wealth to kids By Judy Martel •