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12 books that Bill Gates thinks everyone should read

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Life is not fair - get used to it.

Life is not fair - get used to it Haha my parents had this on the fridge and every time my sister said "that's not fair" they made her read the whole thing. Then one day it mysteriously disappeared...

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Google Image Result for

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This man is definitely a psychopath! Parents please do not vaccinate your children!! He wants to test Anthrax on them, And depopulate the world!!

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Bill Gates shares his list of best books he read in 2015: “Eradication” by Nancy Leys Stepan, “Thing Explainer” by Randall Munroe, “Sustainable Materials With Both Eyes Open” by Julian Allwood and Jonathan Cullen, “Mindset” by Carol Dweck, “Being Nixon” by Evan Thomas, and “The Road to Character” by David Brooks.

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Eugenics Today: How Vaccines Are Used to Sterilize the Masses

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