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28 Times You Wished You Were as Cool as Bill Murray

Bill Murray is one of the most legendary comedic actors in Hollywood, which means that along with making us laugh time and time again over the years, he's also


The many, many, many faces of Bill Murray

You’d have to travel a long, long way to find someone who didn’t love Bill Murray. So, hail Steve Murray! This dedicated Bill Murray fan has created an entire collection of Bill Murray characters, in full costume, too. From Murray’s epic Ghostbusters role to The Grand Budapest Hotel, this series of Bill Murrays has it […]


"I know I’m not saving the world, but something in what I’ve learned how to do or the stories that I’ve tried to tell, they’re some sort of representation of how life is or how life could be. And that gives some sort of optimism. And an optimistic attitude is a successful attitude." -Bill Murray


And the MEGA post winner is… Bill Murray! (36 photos)