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Bill Nye Education

FREE Science Videos~ Disney presents short, interesting science demonstrations by Bill Nye. Each clip is 1-2 minutes, loads right from the home page, and is kid-friendly! Great resource for students looking for science project ideas or for introducing new science concepts to a whole class. Sample demos include: raw egg floating in salt water, static electricity, how atmospheric pressure works, and making a periscope. Fun, fast, and free!


Bill Nye Water Cycle Video Worksheet

This worksheet follows Bill Nye's Water Cycle video. There are 14 questions that go with the video, and also a summary question at the end of the ...


Featuring: Force, Motion and Energy!

Dragon's Den Curriculum: Featuring: Force, Motion and Energy! See this great video by Bill Nye, plus many more on this great site!


Bill Nye Video Worksheets - Complete 20 Video Worksheet Collection

Here is my collection of 17 Bill Nye The Science Guy Video Worksheets (includes the answer key) complete with a YouTube video link for each video. There are worksheets for the following Bill Nye Videos. - Atoms - Biodiversity - Blood and Circulation - Cells - Chemical Reactions - Comets and Meteors - Digestion - Electricity - Food Webs - Light and Color - Optics - Outer Space - Phases of Matter - Respiration - Seasons - Static Electricity - Water Cycle