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Who the heck is the guy with the glasses?

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Dead Calm is one of the true classics of suspense movies of all time. It a story about a couple on a trip on a sail boat rescues a stranger, who becomes a hostile threat to them. Nicole Kidman's first big break as an actor and well rounded acting by Sam Neill (one of my favorite actors) and Billy Zane. A definitely a must see movie.


Billy Kidman Autographed Wrestling 8x10 Photograph

Eddie Guerrero did NOT make it easy for Billy Kidman to retain his Cruiserweight Championship! #FBF

Billy Kidman Logo - WWE

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Phil meets Billy Kidman.

WCW - Dating Game show crossover featuring Billy Kidman, Disco Inferno and the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla.

Beverly Hills Detective Art Murry has a hot thing going with Medical Examiner Mary Éclair that he hopes will lead to happily ever after. But following a brutal attack by a serial killer, where her hands are crippled and her confidence destroyed, Éclair takes a leave of absence—not only from the job, but Murry as well. In an effort to help Murry, who’s depressed and hitting the bottle, Billy Kidman, his partner, drags him on a Caribbean cruise. On board, Murry’s drinking escalates and he’s…

HBD Billy Kidman May 11th 1974: age 41