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William "Billy" Mitchell (December 29, 1879 – February 19, 1936) was a United States Army general who is regarded as the father of the U.S. Air Force


General Billy Mitchell, who helped lead the military’s development and use of airpower at the beginning of the 20th century. General Mitchell was a professional soldier who served as an infantryman in the Spanish-American War and went on to achieve greater fame as an outstanding U.S. combat air commander during World War I.


Brigadier General William ("Billy") Mitchell was highly decorated American pilot during the First World War. During the inter-war period he was an outspoken proponent of airpower. He was critical of the Navy's unwillingness to accept the dangers of attack from the air. Despite proving his arguments by sinking warships during war games, he was court-martialed in 1925 and driven from military service.

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Billy Mitchell excoriates military leadership 88 years ago this week

88 years ago, Col. Billy Mitchell made his famous statement from Ft. Sam Houston excoriating military big-wigs. For more, click on the link.

The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell is a 1955 film directed by Otto Preminger. It stars Gary Cooper as Billy Mitchell, Charles Bickford, Ralph Bellamy, Rod Steiger and Elizabeth Montgomery in her film debut.


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