Hands-on, fun learning with multiplying binomials(FOIL)! Keep your students engaged with these fun activities while theyre practicing multiplying binomials. This product includes 2 activities 1) a create your own binomial expression practice where students build dice and then roll a pair of dice to create expressions that must be simplified and 2) a game board where students roll a pair of regular dice and complete a problem on a game board that corresponds to the numbers they rolled.

Ditch FOIL: ditch FOIL, and use the opportunity to talk about the double-distributive property. Re-write the binomials as an equivalent expression and multiply. Set the stage for factoring and note how much more understanding factoring by parts takes on. And, now we can tackle those “messy” trinomials too.

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Multiplying Binomials Dice Activities: Hands-on, fun learning with multiplying binomials!

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