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Algebraic Expressions and Algebra Tiles Task Cards and Activity Set

These expression and algebra tiles task cards and activity set are perfect for…

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Multiplying Binomials(FOIL) Dice Activities

Hands-on, fun learning with multiplying binomials(FOIL)! Keep your students engaged with these fun activities while theyre practicing multiplying binomials. This product includes 2 activities 1) a create your own binomial expression practice where students build dice and then roll a pair of dice to create expressions that must be simplified and 2) a game board where students roll a pair of regular dice and complete a problem on a game board that corresponds to the numbers they rolled.

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Rationalizing the Denominator: Dividing Radicals Worksheet with Riddles

Students will simplify 16 dividing radical expressions problems WITHOUT variables in this independent practice riddles worksheet. The level of complexity includes rationalizing the denominator with monomial over monomial and binomial over monomial division.


▶ 10 Common Binomial Expressions in English - YouTube

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3-Piece Binomial Factoring Puzzles

Hands-on manipulatives - each problem can be “solved” by fitting together the expression and its factors. Great for independent, group, or competitive practice! Includes 171 polynomials

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Community Post: 27 Lessons That Everyone Can Learn From "Psych"

Making up funny names exercises your brain. | 27 Lessons That Everyone Can Learn From "Psych"

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My 7-year-old daughter keeps beating me at Spot it!

printable factoring trinomials and exponents puzzles--tarsia


Simplifying Algebraic Rational Expressions