i love the style of this picture, particularly the lights from the Big Daddy's helmet and the contrast between them and the red glow of the Adam bottles

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Cool Poster, I guess from the Bioshock games. Haven't played them but know Rapture is the name of the underwater city. Let me know if I'm wrong plz.

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Detail of the cover painting used for the first Bioshock game showing the tunnels of Rapture

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Bioshock (Game)

Theres always a Lighthouse, Theres always a Man, Theres always a City This design is 7.5 x 16.5 print. If your would like a smaller size or

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"I can haz BioShock?" - Bioshock Infinite is the #1 anticipated game of the year! Looking forward to seeing my husband's name in the credits! :)

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