how to build a large bird cage. Would love this for back porch :)

How to Build a Large Bird Cage

The owner and creator of this armoire-turned-aviary didn't always keep such an elaborate home for her birds. Her zebra finches were previously confined to a small cage with hardly any room to fly. So, using an old wardrobe as a starting point, the creator added support and turned the wardrobe into a beautiful aviary for her feathered friends...

DIY Armoire Aviary

♥ Pet Bird Cage Ideas ♥ DIY Cockatiel Cage

Cockatiels need more HORIZONTAL flight room (Meaning = wider instead of tall) however I do love this!

leaving the door open. what great feng shui

birdcages and succulents, I've been wanting to do this. I love bird cages, birds, and succulents.

♥ Pet Bird Cage Ideas ♥ Cage for cockatiels

What if we built that in the corner of our kitchen and the middle space?

12 Gorgeous Diy Decor Ideas Using Birdcages

12 Gorgeous Decor Ideas Using Birdcages

Custom Built Bird Cage -  Spacious Flight cage 40" tall, 60" wide, 22" deep #AffordableCustomCages

Custom Built Bird Cage - Spacious Flight cage 40" tall, 60" wide, 22" deep

You design a custom cage, and we make it at an affordable price. What you get is a unique home for your bird or pet, and an attractive, hand crafted piece of furniture to accent any décor.

Beautiful indoor wooden bird cage/aviary | Birds | Gumtree Australia Darebin Area - Northcote | 1124346533

There are so many fine examples of beautiful indoor aviaries, particularly ones that re-use old cabinets.