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Birth Year Calculator

The web’s largest directory of links to online census transcriptions! This directory includes links to federal censuses and indexes, state and territorial censuses, tax lists, voter lists, military pensioner lists, etc.

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A person with a Sagittarius Moon needs independence. They need their own space to try everything that enchants them.

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Interactive Infographic on the History of Computers - stretching from 2400 BC and the Abacus to Binary and Da Vinci’s inventiveness, the birth of Turing in 1912 and to what we know as the major players of today Microsoft, Apple and a brief mention of the Commodore 64.

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Chinese Age Calculator & Chinese Year Birthday Finder | Chinese Date of Birth & Year

Lucky Feng Shui Directions Calculator

Feng Shui Lucky Directions Chart here:

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Thomas Fuller; African slave and mathematician 1710-1790. | In most discussions of people with extraordinary powers of mental calculation, there is some mention of Thomas Fuller, an African, shipped to America in 1724 as a slave at the age of 14. He was born in 1710 Africa somewhere between present day Liberia and Benin. Late in his life his remarkable powers of calculation made him a tool of abolitionists due demonstrate blacks are not mentally inferior to whites. [Read more...]

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How to Calculate Your Feng Shui Kua Number

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Feng Shui Chinese birth year and kua numbers this is good to figure out your number is it pertains to the wheel and then implement those fengshui principles into your lifestyle. I wonder what these will show for those born after 2006