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I am the Vengeful Unicorn of the East

I am the savage unicorn of the seas! Yes I am the unicorn savage that lives in the sea and causes all the tsunamis because I am a villain!

Birthday Scenario fun, have a movie marathon with Jack Frost

Birthday Scenario fun, have a movie marathon with Jack Frost<<< i fight zombies with loki <<< explore pyramids with Aragon

Birthday scenario game! I arm wrestle with Darth Vadar. What's yours? Teen Fashion - follow @Teen Fashion

I know this birthday scenario game isn't very good, but I just had to pin it because mine is duel with Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel.

HAHAHHAHA i love kissing a MUSHROOM because i'm sexy

Birthday scenarios

I watch sexy movies with a unicorn because I just escaped from prison YAY! My friend got: I licked a cow because it was enticing.

But that's April fools day so really it's all a contradiction and you aren't best friends with this so called "best friend." And basically you're whole life is a lie.

Stuck on an island with a Teletubby.dunno what that is so imma pretend my birthday's on the and say BOSWER! Call me crazy, but I wouldn't mind being stuck on an island with Bowser!

[Birthday Scenario Game | Know Your Meme. I am a Queen with the power to control Fire and a dashing rogue as my companion!

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What is your fantasy alter ego? I am a seer that can control fire and is accompanied by a warrior maiden. I like it :) {Pristess who controls fire and my companion is a scrappy dog.

birthday scenario game (the avengers edition) by XtigerstripesX on deviantART

first kiss stolen by iron man. boo i want the cap <-- SWITCH WITH ME. I'm wrecking havoc with Captain America which is way cool cause I didn't think he could cause havoc but like c'mon lemme kiss Iron Man.

Random Birthday Scenario Game by SilverStarYoshi | Dammit Aang, we're in prison! What did you do this time?

AAM - Random Birthday Scenario Game: Stuck in prison with Kyo Sohma

Harry Potter Birthday Scenario Game! I got "Today I used the cruciatus curse with Hermione Granger because were just that cool"     And since 4 is missing I'll make a 4. 4 will be Kreacher

Harry Potter Birthday Scenario Game Today I used the cruciatus curse with Draco Malfoy because we wanted too