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Today's Birthday Horoscope October 29 2016 Unfinished projects that may have lingered for years will began to show signs of completion this year. The work on these projects may start out slowly but it will pick up momentum as the year proceeds. Although you might not see any progress at first little by little each task will end. You'll finish everything you set out to do by early next year. As your old projects reach the finish line you can look forward to the…

August 6 - 14 As a Leo born between the 6th on the 14th of August you have an adventurous nature and like to explore the different avenues of life to make your life more exciting and interesting. Culture, travel and higher studies are some of the different avenues which will draw you away from a conventional lifestyle to an independent type of life. You have a great love of freedom and will never let anyone dictate the terms of your existence.

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16 SCORPIO SEASON MEME ECARDS: #1 It's Scorpio Season. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife! #2 Keep Calm Cause I'm an October Baby. #3 Keep Calm November Babies Rock! #4 Scorpio Season, Is that you playa?

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