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Hip Hip Hooray Cake topper. Perfect for parties, birthdays, weddings and engagements.Laser cut from pine or black acrylic sheet, in 2 sizes

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In this instructable, I am going to describe how you can make an led edge lit sign.The sign is engraved on a clear acrylic sheet. I have used an A4 sized 3mm thick sheet, which is common in Europe. In the US where A4 sheets are not as easy to obtain then you can use 8" x 12" x 1/8" which is a similar size.To obtain the Star Wars effect I have used a gloss black acrylic sheet behind the clear sheet.A Dremel 290 tool was used for the engraving but if you have a cnc router or lase...

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Red Stilettos Traceable Coloring Sheet Acrylic Painting Tutorial by Angela Anderson on Youtube | Free Art Lesson How to Paint Women's High Heel Pumps #ladiesnight #shoes #AcrylicPainting

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Materials colored clay suede cord or hemp a baking sheet a toothpick acrylic paint paintbrushes Directions 1. Roll the clay into balls and use a toothpick to create a hole (make the hole a bit bigger than you’d like since the … Continue reading →

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Music is Love ~ Acrylic Canvas Painting 8X10" Great wall decor or gift! Piano sheet music with romantic couple in front. Red umbrella! This piece showcases the love that music can show our most intimate feelings, such as love. It highlights black, white, and red colors. This would make a great gift for yourself, the music lovers in your life, or even that special someone!

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Wall Mounted Wine Rack // Acrylic Wine Rack // SOB WineWall // Handmade Bottle Holder // Home Furnitures // Design Wine Rack

WineWall is a modern and minimal bottle rack made of acrylic. Available in black or transparent version, WineWall can contain up to six bottles of wine. Suitable for domestic use or commercial activities, the new wine rack by SOB adapts easily to different types of furniture, bringing a touch of elegance and modernity. A functional and esthetically modern packaging, made of a neutral polypropylene sheet, makes this piece of furniture an original gift idea.

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Steampunk brown horizontal Leather Scroll Case / Holster / Tube

steampunk holsters bag | Steampunk brown horizontal Leather Scroll Case / by IsilWorkShop

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All you need is solder, copper sheet and your torch! Heat up the solder and put a rubber stamp in it and walla you have these pendants. Very cool!

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