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Arabian horse Egyptian show performance native costume ~ Beautiful Black Arabian, so classique

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My heart quickens as I imagine sitting atop this animal getting ready to take him/her for an all day summer ride into the mountains and meadows high above the Ruby Reservoir near Sheridan, Montana.

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Beautiful shiny Black Arabian Horse standing in the dirt floor barn. Beautiful ornate necklace adorning the horse's graceful neck.

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Black Arabian Horse. Every time I see one, I think of Al Hatal from Hidalgo, the Black Arabian Stallion. Beautiful horses

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A Purebred Arabian will always fit the bill of a stylish and showy mount, however they also have so much more to offer. (For Instance: Where do you think the American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbreds got their speed?)

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"During the early 19th Century ruling families of Egypt gathered the finest horses from the deserts of Arabia and bought them to the land of the pyramids. This extraordinary collection unrivalled since the time of King Solomon became the foundation for the modern day Egyptian Arabian Horse."

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