staffordshire bull terrier..I think this might be what Sam is mixed with.

Ava, she is quirky, shy, and loves to make friends. She can be sarcastic and snappy at times but as long as you are nice to her she is nice to you. No mate or pups but has a crush on Buck. Her owners left her in the streets after she got hit by a car.

American Pit Bull Terrier | The Bully Breeds

This isn& a Pitbull it is a Staffordshire Bullterrier/The Bully Breeds

Staffie, Softest dog in the world. Don't blame the dog for bad press blame the savages who fight them!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier- not a pit bull, people. I have a Staffy and I'm so tired of people terrified of my "pit bull". Best dog breed in the world.