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Black Caterpillar


Very Hungry Catepillar Food Templates (Black & White) Visit for color templates & many other resources!

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Black Caterpillar

Garden Tiger moth which normally flies at night and is less often seen than its Woolly Bear caterpillars.

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Caterpillar which becomes the Black Swallowtail butterfly...many people do not understand that is order to have butterflies one must first have something for the caterpillar to eat...these loved my fennel and when disturbed, shoot out little orange horns that exude an orangy odor...nice!

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Hickory Horned Devil. The caterpillars molt 5 times. Each instant is different, but on their sixth & final instar they become a bright green color, w/ huge, black-tipped red horns, earning them their common name 'hickory horned devils' - they can grow up to 5.9 in long

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TURBULENT PHOSPHILA CATERPILLARS (Phosphila turbulenta) ©455rocket/jpgcalendar The grown moth is not nearly as graphically appealing as the caterpillars -

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