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Black Mask Batman

New Arkham Origins Screenshots Reveal More Characters, Plentiful Potential Violence - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

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Black Mask's design is incredibly simple, but effective. Definitely a contender for a Halloween costume this year.

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Resultados da Pesquisa de imagens do Google para

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The Best Cosplay Day Three Of Comic-Con 2013

We've collected our 30 favorite cosplay pictures from the third day of Comic-Con It was a day that was alternately sexy and creepy.

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The Rogues Gallery: Firefly, Man-Bat, Killer Moth, Mad Hatter, Prometheus, Calendar Man, Solomon Grundy, Ventriloquist (with Scarface), Bane, Catman, Maxie Zeus, Poison Ivy, Anarky, No idea, Hush, Two-Face, Killer Croc, Clayface, Scarecrow, Red Hood, Mr Zsasz, Black Mask, Joker, Mr Freeze, Professor Hugo Strange, Penguin, Riddler, Deadshot, Catwoman, Rā’s al Ghūl. And Batman

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