A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat. Wild black panthers in Latin America are black jaguars (Panthera onca), in Asia and Africa they are black leopards (Panthera pardus), and in North America they may be black jaguars or possibly black cougars (Puma concolor – although this has not been proven to have a black variant), or smaller cats.

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The black panther! Relates to the black stainless appliances! Black, beautiful, but also fierce and one of a kind! #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

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To know that such magnificent animals are disappearing from this earth at an increasingly alarming rate breaks my heart…..almost all because humans don't care.

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Adorable black Panther Cub (couldn't figure where to put him... here or on my Choklitts board, lol)

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Black Panther....now how am I supposed to resist pinning this awesome guy? I love panthers.

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http://totemwisdom.blogspot.com/2015/02/black-panther-totem-image-and-meaning.html Learn all about the black panther power animal, how its eyes penetrate the soul and help you develop your intuition and inner strength.

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