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The watermelon stereotype

LW5 - Michelle Bujold | Stereotype Example: a black child eating watermelon. This image sets incorrect expectations that all people of color like watermelon - a trait that's become ingrained in stereotypical associations with black people.

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WHOA! ...Why watermelons are associated with black people - Did NOT Know That! ~WTF fun fact

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This was an advertisement for a piece of art back in the 1920s. It is a picture of an infant-like African-American holding onto their stereotypical favorite food, a watermelon. It is wearing a diaper and holding a bottle, like a baby. It looks like a baby because babies are lower down on the human pyramid, implying that people in the 1920s had thought all black people were lesser than the white. Slavery may have been abolished, but black people were still looked down upon.

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Watermelon Orange Ginger Turmeric Juice

Watermelon orange ginger turmeric juice is a frothy, refreshing juice spiced up with superfoods! This juice is smooth with no juicer required.

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TIL that watermelon became a stereotype for black people because free black slaves grew and ate it and it became a symbol of their freedom.