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** "Yuh,' black sheep of de famblee.' Me haz news fer yoo - Nature painted me dis way ! "

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NWOT Betabrand Black Sheep Wool Wrap Sweater

NWOT Betabrand Black Sheep Wool Wrap Sweater "It's made of raw wool that's naturally black (more grayish-brown, actually), because it comes from actual black sheep from a few select, small ranches in New Zealand. The yarn made from their wool is all-natural, undyed and untreated. Rest assured that our Black Sheep Sweaters have never seen the inside of a chemical vat or megafactory." NWOT, features button wrap closure (one button inside/one button outside), hood, thumb holes. ***Inner…

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Is winter over, can we take our scarves off yet? by Lottie on Etsy

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The Spinning Shepherd § La Bergère Filandière.....every sheep should have a hand knit hat!!!

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This is a really cute activity to go along with the song "Baa Baa Black Sheep". I started by cutting out a sheep outline from two pieces of card, gluing them back to back but not joining the legs together. This gives the card extra stability and then the legs can be separated at the end so that the sheep can stand up. I drew on some features.� I made two sheep, and picked two different types of black yarn (wool).� I started off one of the sheep by taping one end of the yarn to the s

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Don’t stop talking to me, I haven’t been listening…

black sheep, black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir yes sir, three bags full. Black sheep wallpaper pattern. Funny.

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Black Sheep Wrap Sweater

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