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Avengers, I really appreciated the lack of gooey romance breaking up the awesomeness... but there was still a hint between hawkeye and black widow. And of course tony and pepper.

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Celebrity Body Doubles - North West Scarlett Johansson

My name is Natasha Romanoff. I'm look to be in my mid-twenties, but I was actually born circa 1928. I am know as the "Black Widow" in the Avengers. I'm a kickass fighter, who excels in really any type of combat.

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baby Natasha in the Red Room fanart by moonriot<<<She even looks like a young Scarlett Johansson!!

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We're walking... She's wearing high heels, guns strapped to her legs and she can do back flips and can jump and can do a flying kick... Amazing

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Black Widow: No strings on me. After the fall of Shield, Black Widow has no one pulling strings anymore...

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