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I missed this when I saw The Winter Soldier. Natasha grabs Steve and pulls him away from one stream of bullets and then proceeds to shove Sam out of the way of more bullets with her foot. <<< Yet another demonstration of Black Widow's awesomeness.


As a hardcore shipper I hope this keeps happening, because Romanogers is clearly off the table and Brucenat was awful and they are both so funny!


The Best Film Fashion of 2014


Captain America AU; Marvel; Steve Rogers; Natasha Romanoff; Bucky Barnes; Sharon Carter; Black Widow; Agent 13; Captain America; Winter Soldier

Black Widow - Captain America: The Winter Soldier by locketofember on Polyvore featuring BKE lounge, Reiss, NIKE and Cowboysbag

[Image: Natasha Romanoff leaning against a wall, blowing bubbles in some bubblegum; she’s wearing her Black Widow uniform with her Cap 2 stripey hoodie and jacket over it.]saehral:I love her Winter Soldier hoodie :D But the shiny suit is fun too…so, have both!