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The Bleeding Heart Plant

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So of course I love hearts found in nature. I know it's Tibet's funeral flower, but it's one of my fave. A true example of love in nature....

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Bleeding Heart. i have the pink bleeding heart. it was planted by my great grandma!!!! it never fails to return year after year. its a sweet beauty :) Renee

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Wish I could remember the little story that goes behind this gem of a bloom . . . very heart warming

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Bleeding Heart Seeds - JETTUS BLACK - Very Rare Shade Perennial - 20 Seeds

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Growing Bleeding Hearts: How To Care For A Bleeding Heart Plant

Blooms of the bleeding heart plant appear in early spring adorning the garden with attention getting, heart shaped flowers borne on arching stems. Learn more about growing this plant in the following article.

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Bleeding heart, Dicentra, a wonderful plant which grows bigger each year and produces more and more hearts! Aww

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