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Blended (2014)

Blended (2014). I don't actually know if I will like this, but I do like movies they are in together.

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The Health Benefits of Green Tea

i'm intrigued and would love a gift certificate to sample one or two of these teas. despite my entire drawer full of tea at home already....

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New Mystery and Thriller Releases

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Equilibrium (2002)

Equilibrium (2002) Christian Bale, Sean Bean, Taye Diggs, Emily Watson; Directed by Kurt Wimmer

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JOYFUL NOISE "Man in the Mirror" full movie scene 2012

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‘The Hobbit’ Exclusive Infographic Stacks Up the Races of Middle

But even after all that there still might be some things you don't know about the different types of folk who live there. So delve into this exclusive infographic that breaks down the differences between Hobbits, Dwarves and Elves.

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