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The chakras simply give us another way to understand ourselves. To clear blocked energy so we become more vital, happy and free.

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Gallery of Blackwood Street Bunker / Clare Cousins Architects - 22

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Speed Cutting for Quilts

When I was young, my mother worked for Pendleton Woolen Mills sewing the plackets on shirt sleeves. The shirts were sewn production style, with each seamstress making one section and passing it along. Listening to her talk about this sewing method was my first introduction to efficient sewing methods. Cut around the little triangle points on clothing patterns? Not me—I learned to clip into the seam allowance instead. I drove my home ec instructors just a bit crazy, but they were open to…


It's amazing how much your Life opens up once you stop filling it with meaningless activities and pointless drama. Cut complainers, haters, manipulators and other negative people out of YOUR LIFE and watch your world expand in every direction ☼ go on, count how many you really should cut ?


Boxy, big, bold colors. Not open and white. Make it move through easily but not too hectic. Add some excitement with big strong color boxes instead of many small widgets and colors


Lincoln City Area Condominium: OCEAN FRONT MAGIC. Sunrise to sunset jaw dropping white water views of the coast will be yours along with carefree living. Luxury OCEAN FRONT condo. Distinctively sited on a high bank for optimum views. Casual and elegant this may be the ultimate in seaside living with open layout, banks of windows, beach inspired kitchen and big loft too. Beach access barely a half block. City amenities close by

How to open 1000s of sites blocked in India With this simple trick will open them all in a seconds - FreeWorld2U

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