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Sup I'm Kenneth Goodwin, call me Kenny. I'm 16. My dad owns one of the most popular car dealerships in the U.S, so I'm very rich. I'm one of the most popular guys in school, everybody knows who I am. Basketball is my life; I play any day and everyday. Im the quarterback for the schools football team, and also captain of the JV basketball team. I'm kind of a jerk, though I can be nice to some people. I hang out with either my friends most of the time, but sometimes the varsity basketball team…


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Vaughn Benson. He's judgmental and a huge smart ass, but he's not your typical sexy fuckboy. He's simply an attractive perfectionist. Despises people who are under his academic level, and absolutely can't stand dogs. This handsomely stubborn asshole will fall in love with his polar opposite. A sexy skater with a carefree look on the world around her.